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20 Best Apps That Pay You Real Money

Best mobile apps that pay cash

Looking for apps that pay you real money?

In this article, you will find the best money making apps that will earn you extra cash effortlessly.

While these apps won’t make you rich overnight, you can still make hundreds of bucks a month just by spending a few minutes with the right smartphone apps.

If you spend most of your idle waking hours on your phone checking Facebook, reading emails, listening to music, watching YouTube videos or playing games, you might as well get paid for it right?

As it turns out, there are tons of these money-making apps for Android and iPhone which allow you to earn cash.

The problem is finding the right apps to help pad your wallet. You have to make sure that you are not just wasting your time and that they aren’t a scam.

The list contains both Android apps that pay you money as well as iPhone apps that pay you money. To make it easier for you to find apps that match your interests, I’ve categorized the apps into:

  • Apps that pay money for taking surveys
  • Apps that pay to shop, give cash back and receipt scanning
  • Apps that pay you to use them
  • Apps that pay you for doing simple tasks
  • Apps that pay you for selling stuff
  • Apps that pay you to walk

So are you ready to start earning a few extra bucks in your spare time and find out the best apps that pay you real money?

If your answer is yes then let’s dive right in…

This post may contain affiliate links. See our disclosure for more information.


Apps That Pay Money for Taking Surveys

Swagbucks (Get free $5 for signing up)

Swagbucks mobile lets you earn SB points in multiple ways for watching videos, taking surveys, playing games, searching the Internet or shopping online and more.

You can redeem your SB anytime for $5 – $25 gift cards for Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, Target and more. Alternatively, you can exchange them for cash deposited directly into your PayPal account.

Swagbucks has eight different apps for iPhone and two for Android along with opportunities to earn from their website directly and via a browser toolbar.

So you can easily optimize your online activities to earn the most points.

Vindale Research Surveys (Earn $2 right away for signing up)

Vindale app pays you real money through PayPal or a personal check via postal mail instead of points or credits.

You get started by sharing demographic information about yourself and Vindale Research will match you to paid surveys.

If you are into politics and current events, sports, car and trucks, health and beauty, technology, home improvements and various other topics, you can be sure to find a few surveys that fit your interests.

In addition to doing surveys, you can also earn cash for playing online games, reading emails, searching the web, shopping and more.

InboxDollars (Get a free $5 signup bonus)

Like Vindale Research, InboxDollars rewards you in cash only so there’s no need to worry about converting points to cash or gift cards.

InboxDollars will pay you mostly for reading emails and answering simple surveys questions. In addition, you can increase your earning potential by playing online games, watch fun videos, searching the web and more.

If you are going to use your Android phone or iPhone anyway (even browsing on your PC), this app will pay you for it.

Survey Junkie (Earn up to $50 per survey)

Survey Junkie is one of older panels out there and has been around since 2005.

You earn points by answering surveys where 1,000 points are worth $10. The longer the survey the more points you’ll get (sometimes up to $50).

Since most surveys pay between 500 and 700 points, reaching the 1,000 points payment threshold won’t take you too long.

Google Opinion Rewards (Get free Google Play credits)

Google Opinion Rewards is an Android app from Google that rewards you with Google Play credit for answering quick surveys.

To get started, download the app and answer basic questions about yourself. You’ll get a notification on your phone when a relevant survey is ready for you.

Surveys are shorts and easy to complete covering topics such as “Which logo is best?” and “When do you plan on travelling next?”.

You will receive up to $1.00 in Play credit which can be used for Google products. The pay varies depending on the surveys. Writing reviews would usually earn you more credits.

If you love playing mobile games, this app could work great as it gives you a chance to try out apps you may not otherwise purchase.

Apps That Pay to Shop, Get CashBack, Receipt Scanning

Rakuten Rewards (Get $10 signup bonus and $25 for referring a friend)

With Rakuten Rewards, formerly known as Ebates, you get money back for shopping. It’s one of the most popular cashback websites online so you can be sure it’s legit.

If you do a lot of shopping at Groupon, Macy’s, Sephora, Disney Store and other leading online retailers, you can start claiming up to 40% rewards from nearly 2000 of these stores through Rakuten Rewards.

You can shop directly from your smartphone, desktop even in-person to qualify for automatic cashback on your purchases. Best of all, you can combine the rewards with any discounts/coupon codes you already have.

Once you’ve made purchases, you will be eligible to receive your cash back via check, gift cards or PayPal transfer.

Ibotta (US only – Take photo of your receipt and get cashback)

Ibotta is yet another app that pays you money in the form of cashback which you can transfer to your PayPal account.

If you want to get paid for doing weekly grocery shopping or just about anywhere you’d do any kind of shopping, Ibotta is for you.

The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android. You’ll get $10 signup bonus and for each friend you refer, Ibotta will pay you $5.

Ibotta also works together with other apps such as Uber. For instance, you can earn $1 every time you use Uber and order a ride.

Once you’ve reached $20, you have the option of redeeming those rewards via a PayPal deposit.

Get your free $10 signup bonus.

Dosh (Free cash back app)

Dosh is another free cash back app that gives you cash back for pumping gas, shopping and dining out at thousands of merchants and brands.

If you already shop at places like Exxon Mobil, Sam’s Club, CVS Pharmacy, JCPenny, Forever 21 and more, this app is for you.

Best of all, there are no surveys required, no coupon codes to enter and no receipts to scan. Using the app is no brainer.

To get started, simply download the Dosh app and then connect your credit and debit cards securely.

Whenever you pay with those cards, Dosh searches for available offers that match your transactions. If it finds one, Dosh automatically redeems the offer and converts it into real money, then deposits it directly into your Dosh Wallet.

You can transfer the cash you earn to bank your account, PayPal or donate to charity right from the app.


Apps That Pay You to Use Them

These are apps that pay you to install them! Basically, they can generate passive income streams without you having to do anything else aside from the initial setup.


Do you have spare change lying around or extra cash as you go about your day but didn’t do anything about it?

This beginner-friendly investing app helps you invest those without you really thinking about it even when you think you don’t have enough money to start investing!

Acorns saving and investment mobile app rounds your credit or debit card purchases up to the nearest dollars and invests the digital change.

Here’s how it works

  1. Sign-up and link to your bank account (don’t worry it’s totally secure)
  2. Do things you normally do daily and shop like you always do
  3. Acorns will round-up your purchase to the next dollar and invest your spare change for you! (You can set up regular deposits from your bank account too if you want)
  4. Just sit back and let your money grow over time.

Once your roundups reach $5, it will be transferred from your bank to your Acorns account. Then you can invest in diversified portfolios created by Acorns experts.

The best thing is, the whole process is automated.

Nielsen Mobile App (Free money $50/yr, chance to win $10,000 each month)

Nielsen is one of the best-known names when it comes to survey and market research.

To join, start by answering questions at their website to tell more about yourself, your household and the devices you use. Then download the Nielsen App, either on your tablet or smartphone.

Nielsen rewards you just for browsing the Internet as you normally would. They collect data about your browsing habits and activities over time and periodically send that data back to Nielsen.

Nielsen will pay you $50 a year for your participation. While this won’t make your rich, it’s free passive income just for installing the app!


Slidejoy pays you for placing ads on your Android device or tablet lock screen.

It’s actually not as bad as it sounds. The ads are not that intrusive or spammy and they can be relevant too as Slidejoy learns more about your preference.

You can make between $5-$15 per month. While it won’t make you rich anytime soon, it’s probably the easiest passive income you could make by using your phone.

Once installed, every time you check your phone you will see a card with a news story or promotion on your lock screen.

To interact with the content, you can slide

  • Left to get more info
  • Up to see another card
  • Right to close and go to your home screen

You will make the same amount regardless of whether you engage with an ad to prevent bias. To make more money, you can opt to show ads and promotions every time you check your device.

You have the option to redeem your earnings via Paypal, gift cards or choose to donate it to charity.

Money Making Apps That Pay You for Doing Simple Tasks


TaskRabbit lets you help other people get things done around their home.

These things may include cleaning someone’s room, assemble a table, move boxes via truck, or mount a TV or mirror and other odd jobs.

If you have the skills, have extra free time and needing extra income, this is a good platform to give a try.

According to Jamie Viggiano, TaskRabbit’s vice president of marketing, 10% to 15% of TaskRabbit contractors who fully commit to the platform can earn $6,000 to $7,000 per month.


Gigwalk (available for Android and iOS) allows you to make a few extra bucks or more by doing quick in-person jobs, known as Gigs, in your area.

The Gigs can take anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours and pay between $3 to $100 or more depending on the work and location.

Gigs are often posted by companies and retailers requiring people to take pictures of their products or events across multiple locations.

A gig may require you to visit a store to verify products are available on the shelf and displayed/priced correctly or that marketing events are done accurately and on-time.

If you are always on the go and love exploring new places, then this iPhone (and Android) app that pays you money may be for you.

Gigs are available for smartphone users in the US and some parts of Canada.


Mobee pays you to mystery shop at businesses in your area. The missions may ask you to shop, take photos and answer a few questions about your experience.

To get started, simply download their iOS or Android app to your phone and search for a mission that interests you.

To complete the mission, answer five to ten questions once you arrive at the location and submit your mission for review.

For every successful mission you complete, you will earn points. These points can be redeemed for popular gift cards and prizes.

Most missions take between 10 to 15 minutes to complete and will pay you from $1.50 to $10 per mission.

The mission is probably worth it if you are already shopping or running errands in the area. Otherwise, the time and gas you use to get there could be more than the reward is worth.


Apps That Pay You to Walk / Exercise


Sweatcoin pays you to walk, move around and exercise. The company is UK-based and the app is available for both iOS and Android.

Sweatcoin converts your steps into a digital currency called “Sweatcoins” or SWC. To get started, download the Sweatcoin app and keep it running on your phone at all times.

For every 1,000 steps you take, you earn just under 1 SWC. Keep in mind that other activities which aren’t based solely on steps like riding a bike or swimming are not going to earn any coins.

One recurring complain from the users is that Sweatcoin doesn’t count all the steps they took which can be a bummer. You are also limited to earning 5 Sweatcoins a day with the basic plan.

At the moment you can’t trade the Sweatcoins for cash like you can with Bitcoin. Their marketplace has dozen of offers that are constantly changing.

These offers range from gift cards, online memberships, food gifts, gadgets, sports kit, app downloads, music downloads, and more. Once in a while, a PayPal or Amazon Gift Card becomes available but these run out fast.

Regardless, Sweatcoin could be worth your time if you are already walking and running a lot and don’t mind being tracked everywhere you go.


Rover pays you for walking and sitting dogs (or cats). The app connects dog walkers and sitters with dog owners.

If you love hanging out with doggies and getting paid for it, this app is for you.

You can select to become a sitter or just a dog walker and you’ll have the ability to set your own rates and schedule.

The typical rates charged on the site range from $25 to $100 a night. A drop-in visit for 30 minutes walks can range from $10-30 and Rover takes 20% from your client’s payments.

If you are a good walker, you can consider walking several dogs belonging to different owners to maximize your income.

While it can be competitive with other sitters, once you get a few jobs and have a good client base, you can start earning extra income on the side doing what you enjoy.


Achievement pays you real money for doing healthy activities such as diet and exercise, water intake and the amount of sleep you get.

They pay you to track steps, log food, log meditation sessions, log sleep, log miles biked, answer surveys and participate in health programs.

To log those, it connects to apps like Fitbit, Samsung Health, Strava, Garmin and MyfitnessPal and rewards you with points which are redeemable via PayPal cash, direct deposits, even donate them to listed charities.

You can earn up to 80 points per day. They pay $10 for every 10,000 points which can take up to 4 months to accumulate.

Potentially you could earn $30 per year but it may take longer if you are not active at all so obviously the app won’t make you rich.

Your goal is not to make money with it but just keep doing the healthy things you’re already doing and earn some passive income without thinking about it.

Apps That Pay You for Selling Stuff



If you have extra electronics laying around, CDs and DVDs, Blu-rays, books, refurbished phones, game consoles consider selling them on Decluttr for extra money.

The best thing about Decluttr is how it can give you an instant cash price for the item you want to sell.

All you have to do is scan the barcode on the item. No auctions with strangers and no listing fees to worry about.

Alternatively, you can use the search box on their website, enter the item’s barcode to get an instant offer price.

To be eligible, the order price needs to be at least $5 or more. There’s also a limit of 500 items per order. If you have more items, just create another other.

You don’t even have to pay for shipping. Just print out the shipping label, wrap your items using a prepaid box and send away.

You won’t make much for individual items like DVDs or books. But rather than throwing away stuff you no longer use or let them take up space in your home, why not sell them and make some money with Decluttr?


With the LetGo app, you can buy and sell anything from electronics, cars and collectables to clothing, furniture and home decor all locally.

It allows person-to-person interaction quickly between buyers and sellers and aims at the secondhand market.

Interestingly, LetGo doesn’t charge a listing fee and they don’t take a cut of the final sale. So there’s no reason not to start selling on there.

They make most of their money from advertising revenue so their strategy is to attract millions of users and then sell advertising space to support their business.

It’s a great way to get rid of stuff you don’t need and help out others who are in need of the items being sold.


Airbnb makes it simple and secure to host travellers and allows you to make money from your home or second home, from an extra room and everything in-between.

You’ll have control of your availability, prices, house rules and how you interact with guests.

To keep your home and belongings safe, Airbnb covers every booking with a $1M dollar in property damage protection and another $1M dollar in insurance against accidents.

After a visit, you get a chance to write a review about the guest and vice versa. These reviews keep both parties accountable and ensure the best experience possible.

If you own an extra space consider listing them on Airbnb to make extra money by renting out your property.


Best apps that pay you real money

As you can see,  the best money making apps allow you to earn extra income in several ways such as taking surveys, viewing ads, cashback for shopping, performing simple tasks and selling stuff.

It’s not always easy to estimate how much you can make from these apps. The highest paying apps will vary from person to person.

After all, the amount you could make would depend on how you make the most of your spare time doing the right kind of activities that earn you that extra cash.



These are some of the highest paying apps you can consider if you are looking for the best apps that pay you real money.

If you’ve made it until the end, you’ve just put extra money in your pocket just by installing a few of these money-making apps.

The key is to be diligent and hustle your way if you want to make some serious cash. The more money-making apps you install and the more tasks you completed, your income will add up pretty fast.

Having said that, make sure to install apps from reputable sources only. All the apps listed above are pretty reliable but not all of them will guarantee you a steady income.

Shop around and find out what works and what doesn’t in your own situation. They can be a great way to generate extra cash in your spare time.

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